L’Architecture Comme Animal (The Architectural Beast) is an autonomous learning AI exhibitted at the Biennale d'Architecture d'Orléans at FRAC Centre.

This exhibition sought to carve a path through a jungle of aesthetic and conceptual similarities to provoke contamination. With artificial intelligence, the work exposed to a perpetual state of transformation and mutation. The exhibition gathered a key set of practices, primarily from architecture, but also from art and fashion, to reveal facets of the strange beast that the tumultuous paradigm shifts of recent decades have left behind.

The Architectural Beast, over the 3 month period of the exhibition, slowly integrated architectural images from daily social media searches and came to represent the populist idea of architectural aesthetics. The images were created by a series of Generative Adversarial Network trained on custom datasets of architectural work. The text for the exhibition was generated by a GPT-2 network finetuned on architectural texts.

Dispalyed at the Frac Centre, curated by Hernan Diaz Alonso, created with Micheal Casey Rehm. See more @thearchitecturalbeast.